There is a problem with respecting the privacy and anonymity of other people when it comes to referring to them in a any public space. None of us exists in a vacuum; I find myself unable to say much of real depth or interest without referring to people in my life who are important to me. So I adopted the convention of finding names to refer to other people by, and to my surprise, the names came remarkably easily. My cast of characters is listed below.

The Deacon: My older brother. I chose this name for him because he is, in fact, a Deacon in his church. But more than that, this is actually what he does in the world. I have met few people so committed to a spiritual path and so willing to be changed by the walking of it.

The Deaconess: The wife of the Deacon. But even if she were not, this title would suit her equally well. They are two of a kind. It’s what makes them work as a couple.

The Nurse: My younger brother. Nurse as a noun is a kind of healer. But nurse as a verb means to foster, to promote growth and development. For him, the name works both ways.

The Artist: The wife of the Nurse. An artist in every sense of the word. I know no one who deserves the title more.

The Photographer: So named because he took the beautiful picture featured in the header of this blog. But also because he shows me new and different views of the world. Isn’t that what photographers do?

The Lady of the Lake: My aunt, a friend and healer, who lives in Maine next to a beautiful lake.

The Engineer: My father, who is an engineer by profession, but also by mode of thought. These guys are a special breed, and I mean that in the best way.

1 thought on “Characters”

  1. Mortificatio: I found your entry whilst searching for this- I am familiar with nigredo,albedo, and rubedo-and in my anguish over the death of my little dog last week , a culmination of recent losses , I discovered mortificatio: such an expressive term. And then I remembered words from a TS Elliot poem (East Coker) : “In my end is my beginning” .
    I liked your poem on the page-where can I read more?

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