Why North Node?

The north node (also called the dragon’s head) is the point in space where the moon’s orbit rises above the eliptic. In astrology, it represents the direction of one’s soul throughout a lifetime, the direction where opportunity for learning and growth lies.

I used to think I had a terrible sense of direction. Then I spent some time in the high desert, in a place where there were no trails, and I discovered that I actually have a very good sense of direction; it’s just the man made trails and roads that confuse me. As long as I’m aiming for something bigger, a mountain, a tall tree, or just walking in the direction the sun sets, I always seem to find my way. But it’s too easy to confuse myself into thinking the trail is the right direction and lose my sense of where I intended it to take me in the first place.

This blog is a collection of thoughts, ideas, images, stories and schemas that seem to have something to do with the direction I want to walk in. It’s my way of practicing stepping off the many paths I sometimes get lost on and reorienting myself to a more authentic sense of direction.

4 thoughts on “Why North Node?”

  1. Susan Belt said:

    How lovely to find your words – the pondering process resembles my own. I am neither a ‘web person’ nor an astrology person, but something spoken to me today triggered a desire to learn about the north node and what knowledge about it can offer.

    My question to you: can you furnish a site or information that will permit me to identify my own north node and learn what it can offer to me? (I was born in the mid-’30s so need a chart that goes back that far!)

    Your writing evokes small zen vistas and interesting directions for thought. Many thanks –

  2. North Node said:

    I replied to Susan’s comment offline, but in case anyone else is interested in a good site on astrology (astrology, not horoscopes), I highly recommend Laurence Hillman’s site: http://www.lhillman.com/

  3. Hi~
    I’d like to offer http://NorthNodeAstrology.blogspot.com as a good source for numerous articles on the North and South Nodes. I’m a professional astrologer with a background in Jungian Psychology, and will have my first book published on the Nodes in early spring ’09. It’s called “North Node Astrology: Redisovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose.”
    You have a lovely blog here, and I wish you all the best~ elizabeth

  4. puresolitude said:

    Hi, I love how you named your site. I’m looking forward to reading more of your thoughts as resonate in your own journey towards authenticity.

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