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I got a call from my friend Rebecca, who I had not heard from in person in quite some time. As we caught up, she asked if she could tag me for the Blog Tour. I had no idea what this meant, but as she explained a little more I said sure, ok, I have not been so great about writing blog posts in awhile, so yes, by all means, tag away.

When I saw that this would involve answering some questions about my writing process, I cringed a little. I have not been so good about writing for at least the past year, maybe longer. You can tell by how scattered these posts have become, but even apart from that, I’ve been far too sporadic about writing. Rather than shying away from the subject altogether, I decided it was time to embrace it, perhaps by way of writing about it. So here goes.

1. What am I working on now?

The biggest thing I am working on is buying a house, packing stuff, and planning some renovations. This is a big and overwhelming job. I wrote in April about how we were looking for something along the lines of Mrs. Marker’s house, and I think we finally found it, which is excellent news. But I am also realizing that the big difference between moving into another rental space and moving into a house like this is the huge amount of transitional work that has to be done. At a certain point, I took one look at it and felt like going back to bed, and I’ve been fighting that ever since.

I’m also working on getting the word out about an essay contest, planning a study group on poetry for late August, learning Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and in general finding something resembling balance between all these different demands. Writing wise, it feels like the job is to try to find bits of time here and there for the practice.

2. How does my work differ from others in the genre?

What genre might that be, exactly? I really don’t know. Several years ago, I wrote about my irritation with a lot of online writing and promised my readers this blog would contain no lists of tips, no round ups, no best-ofs and no five-steps-to types of posts. None of that stuff that’s supposed to make for successful blogging, in other words. That is probably the single biggest difference.

3. Why do I write what I do?

That one is easy. I write not to get lost.

4. How does my writing process work?

To be honest, lately it doesn’t. Perhaps I’ve reached a transitional point where the process needs to change. I count this about item number five hundred in my mental list of things you don’t learn in arts education programs: Your creative process (or meditative process, or any other kind of process) is not something to make an identity of. The path changes sometimes. Sometimes the trail you are following through the woods disappears and you have to find (or forge) a new one. That’s all part of the deal. It’s not a failure. I’m not lost, but I’m in a bit of uncharted territory right now, creative process wise. I’ll let you know what I find from here!

On that note, I have to confess I can’t bring myself to “tag” anyone, at least not directly. So how about we do this a bit non-traditionally: If you feel moved to write a post on the subject of creative process, whether or not you want to specifically answer the three questions above, consider yourself officially tagged. And if you are further compelled, leave me a comment so I can read what you have to say!