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I’ve been in a sort of extended hibernation this winter. Partially this is due to the weather, which has been exceptionally cold and snowy this year. There have been several days this winter when we’ve been all but forced to stay home and do next to nothing, which is often good therapy, but also a bit mind numbing and lethargic. In a way, it’s actually the perfect setup for a study group I’ve just begun to participate in with my friend Rose, a Jungian analyst and all around wise woman who agreed to put together a group of people to tackle Aion, one of Jung’s most difficult works.

Last week, we discussed the basic concepts of Aion, that the world, and consciousness, unfolds throughout a series of eras, or aeons, which span thousands of years. The book takes an extremely broad view of human psychic and psychospiritual history, and it touches on such questions as: What is the character of the aeon that is ending and the one that is beginning? What of the Self is being expressed? How are the dominant religious myths expressions or projections of that Self? These are mind blowing and world shaking questions.

This week I read the second quarter of Edward Edinger’s book, The Aion Lectures: Exploring the Self in C.G. Jung’s Aion, which, while not light reading by any measure, is easier than Jung’s text. I read it mostly sick and in bed and occasionally getting tired and drifting off, which is probably the perfect way to tackle such a subject. It keeps my analytical mind at bay and frees me from the burden of having to “understand” everything. Unfortunately, it also makes it difficult to put thoughts and images together in coherent sentences that can be shared in a blog, so I will have to ask my friends and readers to be patient with me. The pot is being stirred, and I promise to share thoughts and images when I can pull together an expression of them in a more blog-friendly manner. But for now, I’m still reading, dreaming and hibernating. And I hope you are doing much the same.