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In my dream, I was living in a commune of some sort. It was a modest life, but I had the sense of being content. Suddenly trucks full of military types came rolling in, and long and well organized lines of men and women with guns poured out of them. They were called Peacekeepers. (The irony of this is something anyone who has seen Farscape might appreciate).

The Peacekeepers were there to take over, and they made it clear that they would be calling the shots from now on. They were not interested in debates or conversations. Anyone who did not comply would be shot. My mind was busy trying to figure out what the new rules were going to be and how to keep myself safe. I thought of my car outside and wondered if I’d ever be allowed to leave again, and what other freedoms I was about to lose.

I woke up wondering if perhaps there were conflicts I was trying to avoid at far too high a cost. Rarely does my dreaming mind go to such drastic lengths to hit me over the head with a point.