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Recently I heard Ken James speak on the transcendent function, the function within the psyche that forms a bridge between conscious and unconscious. The transcendent function is said to develop naturally out of the tension between the two, thus making unconscious material available to the conscious mind.

Somehow in the context of Dr. James’s talk, we began discussing creativity and miracles. My friend the art therapist offered that creativity was miraculous. Dr. James disagreed. Isn’t it sad, he countered, that we have gotten to the point where creativity does seem miraculous? It shouldn’t be miraculous. It should be the most ordinary, every day thing in our lives.

I have to admit, creativity has become all too miraculous in my life lately. I’ve fallen into the idea that it requires extraordinary amounts of time and effort, which of course, I don’t have at the moment. I like the idea of regarding creativity as something utterly unremarkable, like all the best things – breathing, loving, prayer.