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I dreamed I was with a group of friends in a museum. It was a private tour, just for us. My job was to write about what I saw. The things we were to see were very high up in the building, so high that the best way to see them was in a small, old fashioned biplane, piloted by a woman I knew well. In my dream, we took this trip once a month, and each time, the exhibits were different.

As my job was to write about what I saw, friends, this is what I saw: A mythic pediment was done in gold and arranged on a wall. It was like a scene from a Greek temple, depicting events in the lives of the Gods. Our tour guide told me that in its native location, the scene would have been much more spread out. They had condensed it to fit it into the museum space. There were purple flowers underneath it, and writing that was advertising some sort of museum event, but it was too small to read from so far away. I remember thinking this was the exhibit’s only flaw.

The plane faltered a bit, very frightening so far up in the air. I thought for a moment about what would happened if it fell. Then I thought, the trip would still be worth it, to see such a thing.