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ImageOver the last few years, my family has changed dramatically. A whole new generation has come into being rapidly and is busy growing up with astonishing speed. Thus far, in my immediate family, they’re all beautiful, wonderful girls. So when Charlie was born just a few days ago in California, his arrival felt like a new era. He’s the first male in this particular little group, and he’s the first to be born since we lost Gran, though I don’t imagine for a moment she hasn’t seen him, doesn’t know him. She was always head over heels in love with her grandkids.

We’ve all evolved since the kids started showing up. As we help them grow and develop, they help us too. One of my favorite things over the past few years has been learning to see the world as they do. What an adventure. Each one – Elisa, Nora, Addie – brings a new perspective, a new way of thinking and being in the world, and each of those perspectives is a gift.

My promises to Charlie: I promise to keep growing with you. I promise to look at the world you want to show me, and listen to the stories you want to tell me. I promise to support you as you develop your unique view of things, to help you find your particular genius, and to come to understand how that contributes to the world. I promise to tell you touching and hilarious stories about your grandmother. I promise to cast withering looks at anyone who ever attempts to call you “Chuck.”