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About a year ago, I joined the board of the local C.G. Jung Society, which I’d been involved with for years. The vast majority of the board members are women, and all are older than I am. Unfortunately my joining coincided with the death of one long time and much loved woman who had been struggling with cancer for quite some time. Board members decided that in honor of her, we should come to her funeral dressed as she might have, in bright colors.

I looked way into the back of my closet but found nothing that would even remotely qualify. I tend towards the serious, dark, neutral colors. I did manage to find a bright pink scarf that a friend had given me years ago, so I wore that with a white shirt and brown skirt. If I couldn’t do this woman’s style justice, I could at least give it a nod.

Since then I’ve sat around the board room table with these women many times and noticed how beautifully, how colorfully, they dress. While none of them have reached the age of my grandmother, they remind me of her in some ways. I’ve written before about my grandmother’s joyful laugh, and these women dress the way my grandmother laughs, from a real and deep sense of joy and a real and deep sense of why they are. These are women who have studied and experienced a lot, women who have done real work. They have serious skills. They express themselves.

With one board member’s book on this very subject hovering in the back of my thoughts, I added to my birthday wish list a bright, colorful bracelet. I doubt you will soon see me in a bright pink jacket or flowing turquoise skirt, but the bracelet is another small nod to an intention to be more colorful. The Deacon and Deaconess sent it as a birthday gift this week, one day before this month’s board meeting, along with, appropriately, a book of blessings.