I live in the vast area of the country that is experiencing a tremendous heat wave at the moment. Yesterday saw 108, and the same is expected today. Because we’re also in a drought, the fire hazard is significant. Last night the Photographer shared memories of dry summers in South Dakota when hay bales in fields spontaneously caught fire.

I can’t help but think a bit about the ongoing climate change discussion, and what would happen if the area I live in were suddenly uninhabitable due to temperature – hot or cold. I consider the massive amounts of energy needed to make our space livable when it’s 108 outside, and how (un)sustainable that is. I think about children just coming into the world at a time when everything, the global economy, the climate, etc. seems so uncertain. What will it be like for them, growing up with their feet on such constantly shifting ground?

Meanwhile, the Photographer swigs Gatorade and goes outside to grill dinner. When I question the sanity of this, he jokes, “What? It takes fewer briquets when it’s 108.”

There are times, I know, when he’s frustrated with me for thinking 10 steps and several generations down the line. There are times when I’m frustrated with him for not seeing what I’m seeing. But this is why we work. It makes me think, when the world changes, it will be good to have the Photographer there, not thinking of how we will get through 10 years from now, but of how we will make the most of today.