The Photographer Hides from Nora

My nieces love the camera. Or more accurately, they love anything with buttons that makes a beeping or clicking sound. So I’ve discovered that playing with a digital SLR makes for an excellent distraction when people are grumpy, waiting for lunch, or generally getting into something they shouldn’t. Elisa gets a huge kick out of pushing the button and then watching a picture appear on the screen, while Nora’s enthusiastic exploration of all the different buttons that could be pushed actually uncovered features I did not know my camera had.

Elisa's Portrait of the Nurse

A friend of mine once told a story about how her two year old toddled into the living room one day, slid on her Mom’s high heels, grabbed her purse and keys, and walked towards the door, saying, “I have SO much to do! We’re going to the dentist, and then I have to go to work….” The Deaconess winced and laughed when I told this story. “Yep,” she said, “It’s really humbling sometimes to see yourself through your kids.”

Nora Photographs the Artist

When I go back through my pictures after a visit with family, the ones taken by my nieces are invariably some of my favorites. I love seeing how they see us. I love seeing the expressions on the faces of the adults as the pictures are taken. It’s a unique look, one no adult photographer is ever going to capture.

Elisa Photographs the Deacon

I imagine showing them these pictures when they’re older, so they can see how they looked at us, and how we looked at them.