I had a dream connected to a book I read in which the main characters were magicians. In my dream, I knew a student of one of those characters. He was destined for great things. He would bring real magic back into the world, (something the characters in the book had been trying to do, but they had not quite succeeded). He would restore knowledge that had been lost for aeons. But in my dream, he was disgusted by the politics and dysfunction of the magical community and the men running it. He had taken a good look at the life in front of him, the battles he’d have to fight with the prevailing mindset of the day, and it made him bitter. He had decided to be a lawyer instead.

There were two men with me who had convinced the student magician to come and talk with us. The magician was seated at the end of a long hallway; the two men had come to get me, explaining that I was the only one who could convince him not to give up on the study of magic. I approached him and began talking to him about what I knew. I’ve read the book, I said. I know what happens, how it all turns out, and you will succeed. You are the only one who can bring magic back. You have to do this. You cannot just choose to be a lawyer. The magician looked at me, and I looked back. I woke up having no idea what he would choose to do but feeling I had said everything I could possibly say to convince him. I felt satisfied.

Then, fully awake, I thought of the book and realized that character wasn’t actually from that book. Who is he? And what magic is he capable of bringing back into the world?