elisa1 About a year ago, the Deacon asked me what I thought a good brother was. He had given a great deal of thought to what it meant to be a good husband, but he wasn’t really sure about being a good brother. I was stumped and told him I’d have to think about it. Fortunately, the Nurse came up with a response that captured what was in my heart pretty well. It was about accepting each other as we are, and expecting only that each of us will be true to ourselves and what is in our hearts.

These days, the Deacon is no doubt busy thinking about what it means to be a good father, since his beautiful daughter, pictured here, was born just a few days ago. For my part, I am definitely thinking about what it means to be a good aunt, since this is a new role for me.

Today, I came back to the Nurse’s words, and they helped remind me that being a good aunt, a good sister, a good parent, a good anything, means being true to one’s self and one’s heart. I hope I will be able to serve this little one well in the years to come by doing exactly that.

So, little one, here are my promises to you: I will try to be a good aunt. I will try to show you, by example, what it is to be true to yourself. I will support you when you follow your own heart, even if it means disappointing someone else’s expectations (even mine). I will always be on your side, even when it means disagreeing with you in the moment. I will teach you everything I can about this beautiful world we live in. I will try to calm your parents down when someday you get a freaky tattoo. All my love now and in the years to come… Aunt Kat.