Over a month ago, I wrote this post at the end of a period of my life that spanned about four and a half years. I finally finished school, graduated, and went back to having just one job. Where I expected things to slow down, however, the sense of franticness continues. While some hurdles have been jumped and old questions answered, the ever-present “what now” feels as pressing as ever, and there is the perpetual feeling of being behind.

The most likely explanation is that it’s my mind that has not slowed down. Circumstances are what they are, but franticness or peace are within, and peace seems to elude me at the moment. I’m hoping to find it, over the next few days, in the Green Mountains, or driving through New England, or visiting with the Lady of the Lake. So wish me safe travels; I’ll be back next month with a full report, and hopefully, a mind more at ease.