I had a dream that I was near the beach. The sand was like snow, and it made the roads slick as I drove. After getting stuck a couple of times in the deep drifts, I pulled over. People were driving fast around a curve in the road, and suddenly, a vehicle that was half camper, half army tank came swerving by. Unable to stop, it barrelled into the side of a building, then bounced, flipped, and came to a stop.

I rushed over, and when the door opened, I saw that it was a group of girls inside, about junior high age, maybe a bit younger. I looked for the driver, or the parent, whatever adult was surely in there with them. But there was no one. The girls explained, they were here for a school trip, and there had been no adult to accompany them. But they were fine on their own, they insisted, a little shaken, but not hurt. I quickly looked them over as they climbed out of the tank, one by one, and started walking down the road. I offered them my phone number, in case they needed some help. I felt they should at least have access to a responsible adult if they needed one. No, they said, we’re fine without you. Then one of the last girls, one I seemed to know from some vague time in the past, turned around and said yes, maybe I do want your number, just in case. So I wrote it out for her and watched her walk away.

It seems I have not just one determined, resilient child inside, but a whole tribe of them, riding around in a tank.