I heard from a Teacher of mine last week about an experience he had in a medicine ceremony, how he asked to be opened, either gently or with a sledgehammer. As is so often the case (we get what we ask for, and spirit is playful) he got the sledgehammer.

In my clients, I have seen that there is a wide variety of willingness to be changed by a healing process. Some approach only when pain becomes so intense they must do something. They fight me, and themselves, all the way, wanting no more change than is absolutely necessary. Others approach sensibly, calmly, having identified something they want to change and finding the time is right to deal with it. A few seem to push themselves hard, boldly and recklessly confronting everything, always wanting the revelation right now.

I’ve often been in this last category myself. For years, it seems, I thought that all my self-work must be done with a sledgehammer. Now I know a little more of gentleness, and patience. But I must confess, the sledgehammer is still my favorite tool.