I dreamed I was walking home to my apartment, only when I got there, I couldn’t find a door with my apartment number on it. Was I on the wrong floor? What was going on? Then I saw the manager of an old apartment building I used to live in. He had moved my apartment, quite literally, moved the whole thing. There was some flood damage in my old unit, so he had moved all my stuff into a new space. He had done a pretty good job too. I walked inside and noticed everything was pretty well in place except for a few boxes.

The new space was much bigger. The most amazing thing, though, was the view. Where I live now, I have a nice view of the neighborhood out of my bedroom window. But the new space was on a hill, and it had an area in back where I could sit outside (there were even a couple of chairs out there) and look out at beautiful, rugged hills. There was even a little hiking trail that led off towards the top of one hill.  I walked out a little and looked back towards the apartment. I noticed there was no door separating inside from outside, just a gentle transition from one to the next.

I love dreams where I am surprised to find new space. Somehow when I wake up, even in my old, familiar space, the feeling of expansiveness and gratitude remains. Somehow, on some level, the space isn’t lost with the waking up.