I went with the Photographer to South Dakota. The landscape where he grew up, on the east side of the Missouri River, is phenomenally flat. This was the view on a Sunday evening as we headed for his parents’ house. He was tired, so he turned the driving over to me. “See that road?” he said. “Just follow it.” The directions were that simple. It was possible to see miles and miles ahead, as there was nothing in the landscape to impede the view.

As we drove, the Photographer told me of the sense of relief he felt at being back on the land where he grew up. Where we live now the surroundings are greener, hillier and more forested. Sometimes he feels a bit claustrophobic. The city I grew up in is in a valley, surrounded by hills and full of trees. It’s impossible to see too far in any one direction. So while the Photographer felt a sense of elation, I felt a little vulnerable on the wide prairie with no cover around for miles. 

I am amazed at the depth of our relationship to this Earth we come from, how geography, weather, and celestial events move and change us.