Last night I dreamt I was living in a different apartment, and I hadn’t entirely unpacked. The space seemed so crowded, but I kept noticing it was things the previous owner left that occupied much of the space. She was gone; I could put those things away. It seemed every time I turned around, I noticed something else. The place was actually huge inside, with large shelves made of old, dark wood and a spacious dining room table. Next door lived a man who was supposed to be Joseph Campbell but who looked like Robert Hass. We were supposed to go hiking together the next day. I fell asleep in the living room. He came in very early to wake me up. It’s early, I protested. No, he said, you have to wake up; we have so much to do! I could see that whatever he had in mind for us was extremely important and very exciting, so I tried, but I couldn’t quite get my bearings. His eyes were bright, and he was smiling. He stood me up and shook me. Wake up! he said. Wake up! There is so much to do!