I asked Truth what to worship,
and Truth said Death,
looking up from licking
the caviar of moments
from Death’s hand.

– from “Skeleton” by Chase Twichell

Someone asked me recently if I believed in an afterlife. It didn’t matter what kind of afterlife, he said, but did I believe that there was something more than this. I said I did. He said good, because personally, if I don’t have something to look forward to, my life kind of sucks.

In Chase Twichell’s poem, the current moment is caviar — delicate, extravagant, and cupped in the hand of Death. Somehow, for me, the idea of toiling thanklessly through this life for a reward in “heaven” misses the point. I don’t think life sucks. I don’t believe in heaven, at least not in the sense that people generally talk about it. I think I’m unlikely to find anything in another life that I’m not able to find in this one (The kingdom of the Father is spread upon the earth….) including happiness and contentment, including community with the Divine. In fact, I don’t believe in looking forward as a general concept, at least not in theory, though in practice I do it all the time… completely missing the caviar of moments.